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As a result of the pandemic Covid-19, many hard-working, yet economically disadvantaged families in Dallas, as a result of layoffs and the shorting of workable hours, are finding even more difficult to put food on the table. So, in order to address this growing need, we have started the Greater Dallas Coalition Relief Fund.


Through the Greater Dallas Coalition's Covid-19 Emergency Relief Fund, we have been able to distribute 573,440 pounds of food. The Coalition has been able to deliver 448 pallets, which provided 28,672 boxes of food and fed 114,688 people through 10 strategic community partners. We are thankful for the Episcopal Diocese of Dallas, Cornerstone Baptist Church, Equal Heart, Inspired Vision Compassion Center, and the many other organizations and individuals who have contributed.


However, as the need grows, our need for your support grows. Will you be willing to Help Us, Help Others, by contributing to the Greater Dallas Coalitions’ Emergency Relief Fund?  To do so, just click the Donate button.

Thanks in Advance!

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